Why You Need to Remove the Biggest Interference to Your Personal, Team and Organisational Performance

One of the greatest performance coaches – Timothy Gallwey – created one of the simplest and most powerful equations for performance in any sphere at any level: Performanceequals potential minus interference.

The biggest interference to your personal, team and organisational performance lies not in the external circumstances and events that you face day-to-day.

The biggest interference to success lies within – within individual psychologies, team dynamics and organisational culture. That interference is fear in one of its many manifestations – stress, tension, avoidance, worry, anxiety, anger, defensiveness, impatience, silo mentality, lack of clear and focused communications, dependency, the need to control – all these are aspects of our fear response.

Like an overbearing, over-anxious, over-controlling authority figure, our ‘reptilian’ brain (the oldest part of our brain, where our fear response is rooted) panics at the first sign of challenge, of change, of a falsely perceived threat and it totally locks us down or causes us to react with defensive/aggressive behaviours. It hijacks all our resources and traps them in the prison of its own primitive, crude perceptions. Creativity, engagement, connection, resilience, initiative, motivation, aspiration, belief … all these and more high-performance behaviours are undermined when fear is triggered …

And when we act through fear, we are acting from our ‘reptilian’ selves – we are less than human!  This is why any decision made through fear is the wrong decision!

Does this sound familiar? Can you think of an instance recently when your behaviour has been less than favourable, and maybe – just maybe – you might have frustrated those around you? Or a time when the team did not rise to the challenge, or a meeting was hijacked by an argument … or do you recognise symptoms of silo mentality, lack of communication, blame and ‘elephants’ in your organisational culture?

This video explains how liberating your people, your culture, from the chains of fear is directly related to improved organisational success:

New technology means that it is now possible to provide highly successful work (such as that I have been doing with organisations around the world for the past 15 years) into an on-line course that provides highly efficient and cost-effective performance and leadership development – for individuals, teams and whole organisations – with minimal time and disruption to day-today experiences.

It is time we all learned to put fear and its symptoms back in their box and liberated ourselves, our people and our organisations from it costly interference.

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