How’s your ‘Inner Crocodile’​ Doing?

Yes, whether you know it or not, we all have our ‘inner crocodile’!

Whenever you act or speak through stress or tension, avoidance, worry, anxiety, anger, defensiveness, impatience, or the need to control a situation, you are actually acting under the influence of your fear response.

And you fear response lies in the oldest, most primitive part of your brain – the ‘reptilian’ part of you …

Like an overbearing, over-anxious, over-controlling authority figure, our ‘reptilian’ brain panics at the first sign of challenge, of change, of a falsely perceived threat and it totally locks you down. It hijacks all your resources and traps them in the prison of its own primitive, crude perceptions.

And when you act through fear, through your ‘reptilian’ self – you are less than human! 

How would you feel if you were able to put those fears that block you ‘back in their box’, and liberated your true human capacity, with all of its creativity, compassion, love, imagination, connection, love and positivity, from its chains?

This video explains where the ‘crocodile came from:


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