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Creating a Fearless Culture

An individual’s potential – personal as well as professional – is limited primarily by FEAR in its many forms – tension, stress, anxiety, dependency. PRESENCE is the most powerful antidote to fear – after all, if you are not here in this moment, where are you and what are you connected with?

The contents of this website are the result of Jefferson’s 25 years in industry followed by nearly 15 years’ activity as a Speaker, Writer, Facilitator, Performance Coach, Leadership, Organisational and Cultural Development Coach around the world. Its purpose, like that of Jefferson’s work, is to support the development of a “fearless culture” at all levels, in which a person’s potential is liberated for the benefit of themselves, their family, their team and their organisation/community.

About Jefferson


These short articles cover a wide range of topics related to how we relate to ourselves and others in our personal, social and professional worlds.


The videos collected here explore key aspects of leadership of oneself and others, such a managing fear and stress, handling conflict etc.  Many of them form part of an online course available through LeadDirect


The resources section is for coaches and others interested in more detail on how Jefferson presents some of the key topics of his work – provided in the form of slides with notes and some of the exercises that he has found useful.

Extraordinary Leadership

Jefferson is co-founder of Extraordinary Leadership and co-author of

“An Introduction to 3- Dimensional Leadership” with his co-founder Nigel Linacre.

An International Leadership Development Company delivering programmes for senior individuals, teams and organisations of all sectors and sizes in Europe, India, USA and Africa …
Improving performance and productivity through developing leadership behaviours that enable organisational trust, engagement, empowerment, creativity and accountability


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Extraordinary Leadership

Global Leadership Journeys


Principles of Extraordinary Leadership

We are all unique individuals – the way you lead most effectively will differ from the way others lead.  The quality of your Leadership is determined by the quality of your Awareness of and your ability to Connect with yourself and others to enable the Transformations you seek (the ACT of leadership)

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Jefferson has worked with me, key team members and annual group sessions for the last two years - it has helped:
- clarify what I personally want out of the business and the work I do, it's purpose, culture and how to get the best from the team
- help to make it happen by enabling people to be highly engaged; this has freed me up to do more of what I enjoy and what I'm good at.
In the two years since working with Jeff, things have significantly changed for the better in terms of financials and culture. - Founder, owner and CEO,International Retail Tea Company

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